Does the motor once again refuse to move back up or is the solenoid valve defective?

Have your polishing wheels become worn, leading to an unsatisfactory polishing result?

Does the water fail to arrive at the polishing position?

Is your customer waiting for delivery and are you breaking out in a cold sweat?

Then use the servicing and repair services of MF Glasmaschinentechnik and prevent unnecessary stoppages in production.

We support our customers and their projects in the glass processing industry with passion and professionalism and give your products the finishing touch they deserve.
Increase the efficiency of your glass edge processing machines.
Because the repair and machine service of MF Glasmaschinentechnik will update your system to the latest engineering standards.

Utilise our knowledge and receive a transparent determination of the necessary repairs and the spare parts based on our assessment and identification of defects and risks of the glass edge grinding machines.

Keep stoppages of production as low as possible and benefit from our many years of experience.
We guarantee professional work with spare parts service from a single source.

Do not wait – receive your first support from us – contact us.

Wear and spare parts

In the field of wear and spare parts, we work together with efficient partners on both a national as well as international level, who are able to provide spare parts even at short notice.